Thesis Keywords

Supervisor: Usually a MEF professor.   Each student must contact a potential supervisor with a topic proposal. Before endorsing it, the supervisor will consider whether the topic is feasible and falls within the (reasonable) domain of his/her expertise.

If you want to choose a non‐ MEF professor, you have to send an official request to In this case, your request will be forwarded to the MEF Faculty Board (Collegio Didattico) for approval.

The final exam consists in the submission and public discussion, in front of a Committee, of a master’s dissertation in English language.

The master’s dissertation is an original piece of work, written in English by the candidate under the guidance of a supervisor, in accordance with the rules specified in the “Regolamento didattico di Ateneo” (University teaching regulation) and the “Regolamento di Facoltà” (Faculty regulation). Having obtained at least 99 credits for the learning activities of the study plan, a student may be admitted to undertake the final exam leading to the award of the master’s degree.

A total of 21 credits are reserved to the design, preparation and writing up of the master’s dissertation. The formal assignment of these credits can only take place at the moment when the dissertation is completed and discussed and the final exam is passed. The dissertation is evaluated during a Viva exam that will also conclude your master’s degree.

The exam committee consists of nine members of staff including the official thesis supervisor and a co‐supervisor nominated by the supervisor. At the end of the oral exam, the committee marks the dissertation on a scale from 0 (sufficient) to eleven points (exceptional). These points are then added to a pondered average of the marks obtained across all the exams, to calculate the final course grade on a scale from 0 to110. The maximum grade is 110/110 cum laude (distinction).

Please refer to the template attached

The dissertation is worth 18 credits. It must be written in English. The length is not formally specified in the Regulation, but it is expected to range within 50 and 100 pages.

Only in exceptional circumstances the thesis is allowed to be shorter or longer than this – in which case you should consult your supervisor.

The main goal of an academic dissertation is to produce an independent piece of writing that enables your teachers to evaluate your research skills. It is important to clarify that students at master’s level are not expected to produce a piece of original research, in the sense of research publishable in a specialized academic journal.

A dissertation is not a book nor an academic article (although it may grow into one). A dissertation is written mainly to prove that you are capable of doing independent research under the guidance of a more experienced academic.

In-person graduation sessions

As of 1 June, graduation sessions for single-cycle and Master's degree programmes are held in person in compliance with the University Covid-19 safety protocol.