Invitation to Starting Finance Club Statale association events

The student association named Starting Finance Club Statale was founded on December 2020 aiming at spreading interest in financial and economic topics.





Find below some details about the next event (held in English) organized by the association.


  • February 15th h.19:00-20:00 - ZOOM (max 100 attendees, registration is mandatory)

Title: Cryptocurrencies: innovation and ethics

Guest: David Koepsell cofounder of Encrypgen (link). Wikipedia profile: link

Encrypgen is a blockchain-based platform linking genetics to cryptocurrencies allowing you to earn and at the same time provide data for the research and development in genetics. 

The target is to anonymize genetic data exchange (DNA), supporting their diffusion for research purposes.

The event will be held in English.

List of topics (to be confirmed):

- Presentation of yourself

- Brief introduction of the birth and the development of the cryptocurrencies

- Different fields of crypto application (logistics, marketing…) 

- What is EncrypGen?

- How are institutions reacting about crypto? 

- Ethics 

- Q&A 

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